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My decision to hire Andrea Reibmayr as an executive coach was one of the best decisions that I could have made for myself and my company.  It helped me move my company forward more quickly than I could have without her help.  Having her as an executive coach made a big impact on me in the way I think about my business and about the differences in people and the way they work.  By being aware of these differences I am better able to understand how to talk with and work with people both professionally and personally.

In hiring her to also work with my management team, it has brought us leaps and bounds ahead in the way we interact with each other in meetings and on the floor.  Although it was a process to get there, we are much closer to where I want to be as a management team than when we started.  As my senior management team are close family members, we had some difficulties amongst ourselves in the level of expectation and professionalism in the work place.   We have all come a long way in learning how to speak to each other in a much calmer, positive and understanding way by using the tools Andrea taught us as to how people work and process things.  Our meetings have become productive and exciting.  With all of the new processes that we are putting in place during this time of change, we find that we don’t waste time with all of the old non productive habits we used to bring to our meetings.  There is so much more I could say about my coaching experience with Andrea.  She has made a big impact on SK Group Inc. and I will continue to hire Andrea as a coach as needed to help me throughout my business life.

 Sherry Berlinghoff
SK Group Inc.

"Andrea is awesome at drilling down to focus on specific aspects of your issues so that the outcome is achievable." (Client)

"As a result of Andrea's coaching I have an easier time making plans and keeping myself on track." (Client)