Leadership coaching is working with individuals one-on-one to foster self-awareness in order to learn and grow. We co-create together the space that you are meant to be in. I work with organizations to develop their high potential employees to excel. We explore what the organizations goals are and how to maximize the potential in your executives to meet those goals. We are human and it is by exploring our strengths that we uncover the greatness within. Together we unleash the potential for better decision making, collaboration and creativity.

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Self-awareness is the most important step in beginning the journey of getting what you want.   To create, build and maintain trust you need to first become self-aware. We explore together in a safe environment  your strengths, preferences, blind spots, conflict sequence, how you use your emotions, and your values. We also explore your beliefs to see if they are fact or fiction. You are a bright soul and you have much to offer the world by stepping into your higher purpose.

​​​My decision to hire Andrea Reibmayr as an executive coach was one of the best decisions that I could have made for myself and my company.  (President, SK Group)

One leadership development framework that has emerged in the Canadian healthcare sector is the LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework (Dickson, 2010). LEADS is an evidence-based management tool that helps in building leadership capacity and in creating a common leadership language throughout the Canadian healthcare system. The capabilities are grounded in the identity of the Canadian healthcare system of caring: “Caring for health is the purpose of a universal, government funded system dedicated to health. The common thread that unites all of us . . . is to CARE about health for oneself and others” (Dickson, 2010, para. 6)

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