​​​Your soul is the healer

Transformational consultant bringing more Soul Leadership, Trust Leadership and flow  in your life

leadership work


  • creating a safe space for you to connect with your soul work
  • digging deep to the core issues holding you back.
  • Doing the inner work
  • getting aligned to your leadership purpose
  • working with emotional intelligence and leveraging your strengths
  • breath work & body work
  • guided mindful meditative work


welcome to andrea reibmayr, transformational LEADERSHIP consultant & quantum healer

We are complex and holistic. Leadership and soul work are not an Either/Or but an AND. We need to do BOTH. There is no longer a partition between being a leader and being spiritual. We can no longer live into this illusion. We are ALL LEADERS with a Soul. We all need to Vibrate at a Higher Level. It is time for you to step into your Highest Potential. Whatever we knew before about leadership no longer works. The new paradigm is SOUL LEADERSHIP. We are Souls having a Human Experience. Change is our evolution, mistakes are for growing and we ALL need to do the Inner Work. Trust the process.