One leadership development framework that has emerged in

the Canadian healthcare sector is the

LEADS in a Caring Environment capabilities framework (Dickson, 2010). 

LEADS is an evidence-based management tool

that helps in building leadership capacity and in creating a

common leadership language

throughout the Canadian healthcare system.

The capabilities are grounded in the identity of

the Canadian healthcare system of caring:

“Caring for health is the purpose of a universal,

government funded system dedicated to health.

The common thread that unites all of us . . .

is to CARE about health for oneself and others” (Dickson, 2010, para. 6) 

In order to be an effective leader,

Dickson (2010) outlined the following

five key capabilities to combine caring with learning: 

lead self by becoming a self-motivated leader,

engage others by engaging leaders, 

achieve results by being goal-oriented leaders, 

develop coalitions by being a collaborative leader;

and the fifth capability is system transformation, 

which is achieved by demonstrating critical thinking, encouraging and supporting innovation, orienting strategically to the future, and both championing and orchestrating change.


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