​​ As a Leadership Executive Coach for healthcare professionals,

I have found that people do not work for a job

but for a purpose


The foundation of leadership is self-awareness.

This is essential to learn and practice in order to build trust

and create an environment of dignity and respect

for the patient, their family and the healthcare professionals serving them.

Awareness also encompasses others and the system.

Awareness is about listening to your Heart. 

When there is a breakdown in the system

the patient is not being cared for effectively

and a breakdown in trust occurs.

Building trust,

being aware of how you manage yourself and others,

the energy you bring to work

and how you communicate

will create a more caring and effective healthcare system which

benefits the patient and their families. 

Trust is key in developing and fostering relationships with others.

As a coach I co-create with the client the transformation to lead with their head and heart.

Leadership coaching is working with individuals one-on-one to foster self-awareness in order to learn and grow.

We co-create together the space that you are meant to be in.

I work with organizations to develop their high potential employees to excel.

We explore what the organizations goals are and

how to maximize the potential in your executives to meet those goals with

a focus on creating, building and maintaining trust.

We are human and it is by exploring our strengths that we uncover the greatness within.

Together we unleash the potential for better decision making, collaboration and creativity.

Other areas we can explore are:

creating success during times of change,

developing high performing teams,

and succession planning for the next generation of leaders.

Leadership coaching is an efficient , high-impact process that helps high-performing people in leadership roles improve results in ways that are sustained over time. It is efficient because, unlike traditional consulting assignments, it does not require invasive processes, large outside teams, and lengthy reports and analyses to get results.

(Nietlich, Centre for Executive Coaching) 

Transformational consultant bringing more Soul Leadership, Trust Leadership and flow  in your life

​​​Your soul is the healer