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Fostering Collaboration

Some organizations operate in silos. This coaching framework gives you a way to break down those silos and improve communication, operational efficiency and execution (WBEC, 2013). 

This coaching framework has been very successful with executives. This tool helps leaders get more focused, set priorities, create more accountable organizations, and build alignment throughout the organization (WBEC, 2013). 

Backbone and Heart®  Facilitating Change

The Backbone & Heart®  Factilitating Change tool looks at aligning the organizations vision, values, business imperatives, business results, leadership and team interactions, and culture in order to move the change initiative forward. Over 70% of change initiatives fail due to: Employee and staff resistance, middle-management resistance, poor executive sponsorship, limited time, budget and resources, and  corporate inertia and politics. Having a coach, being aware, communicating, and bringing the right energy to your organizations will create a win-win situation.

Employee engagement is a billion dollar problem worldwide. It is also one of the top complaints of coaching clients: “How do I get more out of my employees?” Executives and managers struggle with this issue in many ways. This toolkit is a proven coaching methodology to help you through this issue (WBEC, 2013). 

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​Engage and Mobilize Employees

The Leadership Dashboard

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